Foundation Hair Up and Styling


Course Description

Our one day intense foundation hair up and styling course covers the following units; set and dress hair, plait hair and style and finish hair. These units cover aspects of blow-drying techniques, french and fishtail plaiting, roller application, dressing hair including vertical and horizontal rolls. This course is aimed at beginners with no previous qualifications in hairdressing. By completing this course you will not only gain confidence in your chosen specialist area but knowledge and the expertise to be able to build upon a successful hairdressing career. Our team of qualified teachers will be at hand to guide you through all the basic knowledge needed to complete your foundation hair up and styling course. This will in turn provide you with the basis required to further your career in our many advanced hair up courses.



Course: Foundation Hair Up and Styling
Qualification Attained: Foundation Hair Up and Styling Attendance
Duration: 1 Day 6.5 Hours
Practical Hours: 3 hours (combined)
Theory Hours: 3 hours (combined)
Additional Information: Full hairdressing kit required and manikin. Model required for assessment
Experience Level Required: Basic hairdressing is preferred but not essential. This training course will commence at 10:00 until 16:30, allowing half an hour lunch break.
Basic expectations – Required to wear tunic, closed toe shoes, small amount of make and neat tidy hair.

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